Counselling for Gay, Homosexual and Bisexual Men & Lesbians

Gay Counselling offers supportive online information, counselling and psychotherapy over the Internet or phone from the privacy and comfort of home. Take a look the online services. You can meet with a counsellor whether you are in North London or Newcastle, Sheffield or Southampton, Manchester or Merton, Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham: in fact anywhere in the UK or abroad where you can be online or use a mobile phone or landline.

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If you want to improve a gay relationship, manage or overcome specific problems or just feel better about being homosexual or bisexual, email counselling and online Skype webcam services mean you can meet with an empathetic gay-friendly therapist for an agreed time period or in open-ended ongoing psychotherapy. You can discuss gaining confidence and overcoming shyness, sex or gay relationship issues, family difficulties, concerns about internet use, alcohol or drug use problems, bullying or work related problems or anything else that is important to you. Whether you want to resolve a particular issue associated with being same sex attracted or bisexual or you just prefer to have therapy sessions with a counsellor who is supportive and understanding of your sexuality, online gay counselling offers a number of options for you.

Online gay sexuality and gay relationship therapy means better privacy, more flexibility in appointment times and the convenience of being able to keep up the sessions if you are away from home or short of time.

Confidential Therapy for LGBT Sexuality or the Bi-Curious

All these online gay & bisexual counselling services are provided in the strictest confidence and use a non-judgemental approach. If you are seeking counselling for homosexuality or bisexuality, you are concerned about discussing a particular gay relationship, or you just want to get something ‘off your chest’, you have the choice to remain anonymous.

Take a look around the website or send an email if you have any questions about narrative therapy or online counselling. Your gay-friendly therapist will respond to you personally.

Whether you consider yourself bisexual or homosexual, email counselling and online Skype webcam counselling or psychotherapy can provide you with professional support and a way to solve problems and make changes.

Gay Counselling UK offers a range of online services to gay, homosexual and bisexual men and women and sexuality counselling for those who are unsure. You can choose one or a combination of these services, for a limited number of sessions or on an ongoing basis. If you are unsure about which of these might suit you best, feel free contact the counsellor first with any questions or to try them out and just change to the option that suits you best. Online counselling with Gay Counselling UK is flexible and designed to be convenient for you.