Email Counselling for LBGT people: How it Works

Here is some information about how the email exchange service works. It is quite detailed to ensure the service works efficiently and effectively for both you and your lgbt counsellor.

  1. Email Exchange Counselling means we conduct a therapeutic exchange of emails where you can write in your own time and receive a written response back within a short timeframe. The service is available whether you live in the UK or anywhere else in the world.
  2. Email Exchange Counselling works better when it is done as part of a series of exchanges, so you need to purchase the service in packages of 5 exchanges. Each single exchange is defined as one email of up to 1000 words from you and a response of at least 500 words from your counsellor.
  3. The fees for email exchange counselling are £190 for 5 exchanges. You can write as frequently as you like and you have up to 5 months to use the package of 5 exchanges. Any exchanges not used in this time will be forfeited 5 months from the date of payment for the package.
  4. If you decide you would like to have a webcam appointment over Skype or telephone counselling session instead, using 2 of the 5 exchanges will pay for a 1 hour webcam, Instant Message or phone consultation.
  5. Because this is a therapeutic service it is important to make a distinction between emails that are part of the exchange service and those that are not (e.g. when you are arranging payment or another service). So once we start with the Email Exchange service it will be assumed that your emails require a therapeutic response unless you clearly indicate otherwise.
  6. The counsellor uses a word limit to manage the work around reading and responding so you are asked to keep each email you send to under 1000 words. If you need to write more, emails longer than 1000 words will be treated as multiple exchanges (e.g. If you send between 1000-2000 words, it will be charged it as 2 exchanges and the response to you will be at least 1000 words. If you send between 2000-3000 words, it will be charged as 3 exchanges etc). The word limit also encourages a focus on the most significant aspects of your circumstances.
  7. You will receive a response within 72 hours unless you have been advised in advance that it will take longer. If you have outstanding credit, the counsellor will advise you in advance of holidays or unavailability.
  8. This service isn’t appropriate for urgent situations where someone is at serious risk. Please contact your local public hospital or GP instead.

How to start:

If you decide to go ahead, make contact with the counsellor and then you will be asked to pay prior to the exchange using a Paypal invoice or payment link. Paypal provides the security of a complaint service if you are concerned about making the purchase.