Private Counselling for Gay Men, Lesbians, Bisexual & Transfolk

Private LGBT counselling is on a fee-for-service basis. Fees are reduced if you choose to take a package of multiple sessions. The following fees are in British pounds. If you prefer to pay in another currency, contact the counsellor with details of your location (city and country).

Webcam or phone consultations (1 hour): £135

5 Skype consultation package: £565 (£113 / session).

The package is only available when all sessions are paid in advance. But you have 5 months to use all sessions and can book them as you need them. Longer appointment times can be negotiated.

Counselling and therapy by email exchange: (not currently available)

Read more about LGBT email exchange counselling

Paying for a private therapist or counsellor usually means you can get help faster and maintain the same practitioner. If you do not have the means to use a private service, help is still available, however you may need to join a waiting list and not have the opportunity to meet with the same counsellor for every session. Here is a link to page with more information on low cost or charitable services for LGBT people (see the end of the page).

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